Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pig in Pöllau

The Wd8 pig made by Belinda Ziegler is one of the highlights in the exhibition 'Mensch ist Mensch' in Schloss Pöllau in the austrian town Pöllau near Hartberg. The pig is presented inside a real old kitchen surrounding inside the exhibition. The exhibition shows works of 25 different artists, all to the theme 'Mensch ist Mensch'.

A special feature of the exhibition is the possibility to take part in a workshop by the exhibiting artists. Each of the participating artists in the exhibition offers a course in summer as part of the 'styrian summer_art' festival.

More information about styrian summer_art and the exhibition 'Mensch ist Mensch' is available at http://styriansummerart.at/

The exhibition runs until October 26, 2009.

Opening times of the exhibition:
Wednesday till Sunday from 10am until 5pm
From May 8, 2009 until October 26, 2009

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