Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rdeče Zore

The Wd8 Team is in Ljubljana these days, hanging out at the Rdeče Zore festival. Today we joined the car-repair workshop in Menza. It was very nice, but only in Slovene, so after about 1,5 hours we left the workshop and walked into town. We ended up in Kiberpipa playing with the ancient computers in the small computer museum that they have set up in a corner. Among the computers in their collection are several that I remember, that I have used myself many years ago. One of the computers that is exhibited there, is an Amstrad Schneider, very similar to the one on which I had my first experiences with programming. Here is a photo of the screen of the fully functional machine, showing the date 1985. Tomorrow we will join the crash keyboard poetry workshop at Rdeče Zore, turning old computer keyboards into poetry. More info about Rdeče Zore is at http://rdecezore.blogspot.com/

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