Saturday, April 12, 2008

VeranstaltungsZentrum Ottendorf

The new event hall in Ottendorf an der Rittschein (the municipality to which Walkersdorf belongs) was opened today. The event hall, das VeranstaltungsZentrum Ottendorf, is a huge space, completely new, that can be used for sport events as well as concerts and anything else that requires a big hall. It offers space to more than 500 people. It was built within 7 months, so quick, I didn't even notice that they were building something there.

Today was the opening, a big event with very good food. That is to say, the food looked very good and I was very hungry... but the good food was only for the local politicians and other important people. For all other guests at the party there were two types of saugages to choose from, with mustard and ketchup, typical Austrian...

Anyway, it is a very nice hall and something quite unique for such a small town. Maybe some day also Wd8 will organize a big event at this place.

>> the official report on the municipality website

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