Friday, April 18, 2008

Wd8 Security

Yesterday the surveillance camera was installed at the Cabinet in Ljubljana. The Cabinet is a small gallery hidden in the courtyard behind the well-known Škuc gallery. The Cabinet is an initiative from the Domestic Research Society. During a visit of members from this unusual society to Wd8, they were so impressed by the surveillance cameras that are protecting the pigsty, that they wanted one to secure the Cabinet. Of course this camera had to be installed in a special way, with special guests, special cakes and a simple screwdriver. The photos below give an impression of the event. A more detailed documentation was made by two video-artists. Hopefully those videos will be ready edited and online soon. In any case, the cabinet is now officially secured by Wd8.

Two special cakes for the event were made by Martina and carefully transported from Walkersdorf to Ljubljana.
Among the guests were Tjaša and Gaja, alias Rot Pulojva, famous from their movie 'Shadow on the Wall' (Senza na Zidu), that was recorded for a big part at Wd8 in spring 2007.
The party was a little bit like a birthday party ;-)
The setup for the installation: cym is installing the camera with a screwdriver, Jani is holding the old chair, preventing cym from falling down, Damijan is filming the event from the right angle, Rene is filming the happening from the left angle, Alenka is taking this photo and one of the guests is closely observing the event.
And the next artists to enjoy the cakes: Borut Savski and Stefan Doepner are playing a concert in Škuc just after the install party.

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