Friday, April 25, 2008

Walkersdorf - Shanghai

Today at 14:20 the Wd8-Team will enter the new Wd8 metro network and travel to Shanghai, the current center of the world. During the next two weeks the Wd8-Team will be exploring the young, extremely fast expanding metro network in this Chinese metropole. The first line of this metro network opened in 1995. By now the metro network has a total length of more than 225km, with 8 different metro lines and 161 metro stations! We will use our time to travel around the town on the different lines, with different trains, visiting the stations, collecting impressions, ideas, structures, sounds and images. During the following two months, these impressions will merge into sketches for the future metro network that will connect Walkersdorf directly with its neighbouring European capitals Ljubljana, Budapest, Zagreb and Vienna. And of course there will be a direct line from Walkersdorf to Graz-Ikea. The photo shows the entrance in the former Wd8 wine cellar to this future metro network.

As a preparation for our visit to Shanghai, I found this guide on the official website of the Shanghai Metro that explains step by step how to use the metro network. Besides explaining how to get on and off the train, it even explains you how to wait for the train: http://www.shmetro.com/english/metro_diy/jinzhan.htm.

We will be back online with regular posts in the middle of Mai. Zài jiàn!

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